Let AI bring peace of mind to cardiac patients

Machine-learning telemedicine platform monitoring your patients and alerting you of any change

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What is vHeart?

vHeart is a smart telemedicine platform empowered by the latest machine learning technology that supports numerous portable, medically approved 12-channel ECG devices.

At the palm of your hand

Connected with the smartphone, it creates a continuous communication channel between patients and their physicians, offers real-time ECG interpretation, stores the data and provides recommendations to act.

Cloud as virtual heart

The patient's historical data is stored in the Cloud, generating its „virtual heart", where incoming data is analyzed for any changes in the heart physiology, allowing for personalized approach to treatment of each patient.

vHeart enables you to

Communicate effectively with patients outside the hospital
Monitor hundreds of patients at the same time
React early to acute conditions
Improve diagnostics and treatment
Empower "value based healthcare"

Latest news

06 June 2017

vHeart in 13 top startups of the 4th Women Startup Competition in London!

vHeart was recognised as one of the promising startups at the 4th Women Startup Competition and is going to London! Together with other finalists vHeart will participate in a boot-camp week and final pitch day on July 1st.

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