How does it work

Patient records an ECG

Whenever the patient feels unwell he/she can record an ECG and describe the experienced symptoms through vHeart mobile application.

ECG is analysed by the machine learning algorithms in real-time

Based on information from patient, vHeart machine learning algorithms interprets the ECG data and give patient recommendations how to act.

vHeart gives peace of mind for patient and his family

Patient's family can also be connected to vHeart and receive notifications about any issues with his/her health.

Doctor has immediate access to patient’s ECG data

In all situations when after data analysis by vHeart the results of patient's heart condition differs from normal, the data and notification is automatically transferred to the patient's doctor for further review. In case of highly acute condition doctor gets a request for an immediate action.

Ambulance can be called at any time

Nearest emergency service can be called through vHeart in case of high risk for patient's health.

All data is safe in virtual cloud

Patient’s history (ECG, clinical data, diagnoses) is permanently stored in a secured personal space (virtual heart) where patient can grant access to his physicians and family members.


  • Support for various FDA-approved ECG devices
  • Real-time analysis using machine-learning
  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • 24/7 communication channel between patients, families and physicians
  • Long-term analysis and prediction of patient's health
  • Highly secure, encrypted and depersonalised data